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ǰ ׽ Impedance Analyzer
Impedance Analyzer
6632 ǰ
6632 Ǵ м ׽Ʈ ļ DC 10Hz-30MHz̸ ׽Ʈ ȣ 10mV-2Vrms (ּ ش 1mV)̸ AC ȣ LCR DCR ȯ մϴ. Ӿ ȭϴ ȯ濡 ׽Ʈ ޿ ܰ躰 ׽Ʈ پ ׽Ʈ ǿ ֽϴ. RS232, LAN, USB GPIB PC Ͽ ׽Ʈ ȿ ũ ŵϴ. MICROTEST 6632 Ǵ м PCB Ͼ ü ҽ PCB ̾ƿ ְϴ ü ġ մϴ.
6632 ֿƯ¡
  • Signal source frequency range: DC 10Hz ~ 3/5/10/20/30MHz
  • Signal source grade: 10mV ~ 2V / 200A ~ 20mA
  • Basic accuracy up to 0.08%
  • ALC function
  • Output resistance 25/100, switchable
  • Parameters: |Z|, |Y|, , R, X, G, B, L, C, D, Q, DCR, ESR, Vac, Iac, Vdc, Idc, and r
  • Ultra-high measuring speed <3ms
  • Open circuit/short circuit/load calibration function
  • Support electric meter mode, list mode, sweep mode, and equivalent circuit analysis function
  • Up to four component parameters can be selected in the electric meter mode. The induction and DCR values can be measured and displayed simultaneously
  • Auto component classification: Comparator function and Handler BIN classification function
  • Up to 50 sets of multistep list programs can be stored in the permanent memory and up to 15 test steps can be arranged in each program
  • Built-in DC bias voltage -12 to +12V
  • Rapid automation and data access function is realizable for USB, LAN, GPIB and RS232 interfaces
  • PC connection data analysis software is available optionally
  • 7" 800*480 TFT LCD color screen
  • Ultra-light design: 336*147* 340mm, 3kg
  • Ultra-low power consumption (<30W) without fans and zero noise
  • 6632 ǰ






    Test Frequency 

    6332-3G, 6332-3GS10Hz ~ 3MHz
    6332-5G, 6332-5GS10Hz ~ 5MHz
    6332-10G, 6332-10GS10Hz ~ 10MHz
    6332-20G, 6332-20GS10Hz ~ 20MHz
    6632-30G, 6332-30GS10Hz ~ 30MHz
    Minimum Resolution100mHz, 6-bit Frequency Input

    7 ppm100mHz

    Basic Accuracy 0.08% 




    AC Measurement     

    Test Signal Voltage Level 10mV - 2Vrms
    Voltage Minimum Resolution1mV
    AccuracyALC ONVoltage  2mV
    10 Voltage  2mV
    Test Signal Current Level200µA - 20mArms

    Current Minimum Resolution

    AccuracyALC ONCurrent  20µA
    10 Current  20µA
    Test Time  (The fastest)< 3mS
    Output Impedance

    25/100, switchable (Nominal value) 

    Parameters|Z||Y|XRGBLDQDCRC Vdc-IdcESR and r
    Measurement Mode

    Meter mode, list mode, sweep mode(G series), and equivalent circuit analysis function(GS series)


    Open Circuit/ Short Circuit/Load Calibration
    Measurement Circuit  Series/Parallel
    Equivalent Circuit AnalysisThree elementsFour elements     * This function is option 
    Multi-steps Mode50 groups of Multi-steps setting (Each group contains up to 15 steps)
    Built-in DC bias voltage-12 to +12V, 100Hz to 30MHz
    PC LINK / CPK Option
    Flash Memory

    Built-in flash for setting 100 set documents

    USBLCR setting documents, BMP graphics, Test result data




    I/O InterfaceHandler

    Serial Interface


    Parallel Interface

    Display7.0TFT, 800x480 Color Screen
    EnvironmentTemperature: 10  40   Humidity: ≦80%
    Power Supply Voltage90V  264Vac
    Frequency47Hz ~ 63Hz

    Power Consumption

    Low power consumption: Maximum 30W (Nominal value)

    Dimension (W*H*D)336x147x340 mm
    Weight 3 kg

    Parameters Measurement Ranges

    |Z|0.000 m to 9999.99 M
    R, X 0.000 m to 9999.99 M
    |Y|0.00000 S to 999.999 kS
    G, B 0.00000 S to 999.999 kS
    RAD 0.00000 to 3.14159
    DEG 0.000 to 180.000
    Cs, Cp 0.00000 pF to 9999.99 F
    Ls, Lp 0.00 nH to 9999.99 kH
    D 0.00000 to 9999.99
    Q 0.00 to 9999.99
    0.00% to 9999.99%
    Rdc0.00 m to 99.9999 M
    r''0 to 10000
    r''0 to 10000



    Passive Components

    Capacitor, Inductor, Resistor, Transformer, Ceramic resonator, Quartz Crystal

    Semiconductor Components

    The CV characteristics analysis of varactor diodes, Diodes

    Dielectric Material

    Estimation on permittivity and consumption tangent of plastic, ceramic and PCB

    Electromagnetic Material 
    Other ComponentsEstimation of the impedance of PCB components
    6632 ׼

    Standard Accessories

    • Test Fixture (FX-000C19)

    Optional Accessories

    • Test Fixture (FX-0000C6)
    • Kelvin Clip Leads with BNC Box (F423906A)
    • BNC Test Leads (F663001A/B/C)
    • Dielectric Material Test Fixture (FX-0000C7)
    • Liquid Dielectric Material Test Fixture(FX-000C20)
    • Magnetic Material Test Fixture (FX-0000C8)
    • Test Fixture (FX-0000C9)
    • Bottom Electrode SMD Test Fixture (FX-000C10)
    • SMD Tweezers Test Leads (FX-000C11)
    • SMD Test Fixture(FX-000C12)
    6632 ٿε
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